|ENTRE| Architecture
As an international design team with creative and passionate architects and designers, ENTRE was founded in 2015 by Li Shuwen. The studio offers high-quality design services in urban planning and architecture in both China and Europe, on a variety projects such as culture equipment, mix-used building, nursing home, education, and urban design and research. ENTRE is experienced in influential large scale public projects,from concept to construction phases.  
|Founder| Li Shuwen
Lishuwen received a diploma at Master of Architecture in Paris La-Villette. Licensed Architect (DPLG in France), Urban Planner. She has co-founded the Beijing branch of AS. Architecture Studio, and she worked and managed the office as an associate architect.
|Our approach|
"ENTRE" is French term that relates to the notion of placing oneself "in-between". The studio tries to position itself as a connecting agent between the different actors of a project and the different needs of a specific situation. ENTRE tries to bridge and bring together sometimes paradoxical elements such as local culture and global thinking, or clients desires and end-users expectations. Our international expertise and our multi-cultural background equips us with a broad perspective and foward-looking attitude that materialzes in an architectural production that is both cross-cultural and progressive. With special attention to contexts, sites, functions, culture, society, city, users, economics and technology, we strive for an architecture that is both socially responsible and qualitative in terms of space.